Finally, the beginning. The X-Tribe platform will be presented at the 2nd London Citizen Cyberscience Summit by the Citizen Cyberscience Center.

After the success of the first edition, the summit will take again place in London from 16 to 18 February 2012, with a very rich programme that will touch many different aspects of the citizen science: people engagement, pollution monitoring, case studies and many others.
And we will be there too, for the first official presentation of the X-Tribe project.

At 12:05 of friday the 17th Vittorio Loreto, the X-Tribe team coordinator, will talk about the EveryAware project, introducing the role played within it by the X-Tribe project.

At 14:00 of saturday the 18th Pietro Gravino will talk about the main ideas of the platform and will introduce the first games/experiments realized by the development team..

At 16:00 of saturday the 18th Saverio Caminiti will display for you the details of the platform and will bring you in a step-by-step tour to realize
from scratch a web-based  game.

All the talks of the summit will be available in streaming here.

See you in London!